Thursday, February 16, 2017


The turn of the millennium saw the internet coming into its own with file sharing at the popularity of the MP3.  People no longer found that their browsing habits had to be restricted to pornography and stumbling across Geocities fan pages.  Now they could discover amazing new music, and even share it with others.  This led to the proliferation of music that wasn't just popular and "good", but also to music that could be seen as bad but good.  It was during this period that the world discovered the wonders that are Girls With Attitude.

Girls With Attitude (GWA for short) was a group of eight pre-teen girls that sang songs about friendship, puppies, playing dumb games, and empowerment.  Groups like this aren't unusual in pop music, but the big difference is that the singers in most of those groups can do things like hit notes or play instruments.  GWA don't really do that, but they more than make up for any conventional musical skill by bringing enthusiasm and being all around adorable.

It should be said that this is a group of young girls who probably really are good friends, and they also probably really loved making these recordings.  I say probably because I can't find any background information about GWA or where the songs were recorded. We don't know if they wrote all the songs, or if they were part of some music svengali's dream to create a pre-teen supergroup.  Do they play the instruments? No idea.  All we know is that they recorded five really cute songs that have a wonderful amateurish quality to them.

Five years ago One Kind Favor Vinyl Records released an exceptionally limited Lathe Cut EP with GWA's five known songs on it.  Because they only made 27 copies, and because collectors are hounds, the record sold out immediately.  However, OKFVR did make all of the tracks available as a download via their Bandcamp site.  They also have some other interesting releases available on their, including the legendary Kenneth Higney album 'Attic Demonstration'.  Many of these releases are available as free downloads, INCLUDING GWA!

Grab the EP now!  It'll be your new soundtrack for about seven minutes of your workout or something.


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