Thursday, February 23, 2017


Right now KMSU is in the midst of a BMI reporting cycle.  BMI (or Broadcast Music, Inc.) is a royalty collecting company, so when we're in a reporting we write down every song, artist, and songwriter we play so that they can get paid by them.  Typically during these periods we avoid playing acts like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, because they already have all the money EVER, so they don't need our help.  We would much rather focus on acts that we adore that could use the money, or deserve more attention than they get.  This is where The Legendary Stardust Cowboy comes in.

Tonight at six p.m. we're going to play a full hour of Legendary Stardust Cowboy music!  For some people these might represent deep cuts, but for us their the biggest hits in the world.  It's going to be full on fandom tonight on the show, and because of BMI he's also going to get paid for it!  It's not unusual for Ledge to get his royalty checks and find KMSU at the top of the list for airplay, and we're pretty proud of that.  KMSU listeners represent the largest group of Ledge fans IN THE WORLD (as declared by his fan club), which is also something to be proud of.

Listen tonight at six p.m. for loads of Ledge, and call, text, or e-mail with your requests!


"It's in the key of G for Green Goat!"

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