Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Has is really been two decades since REV 105 went off the air?  Unbelievable.  Time is a weird thing. During its short life REV 105 was a beacon of musical hope in a bleak radio landscape.  Their programming was adventurous and creative, and the diversity of the playlists was unorthodox.  REV also had a mission to promote local arts and music, and they worked to become part of the community they served.  This is also why the station is still mourned after twenty years.

If you nose around the interweb you can still find remnants of the REV 105 fan base, most of them looking like the kinds of sites you would find twenty years ago.  They're filled with bits and pieces of information about why the station was so beloved, as well as calls to action meant to try and bring REV back to the airwaves.  The passion is exciting, and it's something that not many stations can truly generate.  Most of what you hear on the radio dial is so cookie cutter and generic that if one station were to vanish it would likely be replaced by something nearly identical somewhere else on the dial, and who is going to remember them when they're gone?

Kevin Cole, former REV 105 Program Director, is now the PD at KEXP in Seattle.  You may have heard of KEXP, even if you don't live in Seattle, because they're a great station.  They're doing original things with radio, and that's why they stand out nationally.  Kevin just recently posted the an hour and five minutes of REV 105's final moments on they air, and they're both heartbreaking and celebratory.  There is another recording floating around that has the final sign-off followed by The Beatles' Hello Goodbye cruelly being drowned out by static and the beginnings of radio mediocrity, but that seems to have vanished.  Anyway, take a moment and listen to one of the radio greats doing down fighting, and never forget just how powerful radio can be.  What a great flippin' station.


Fourteen random minutes of REV 105!

A REV 105 promo!

Mike Doughty on REV's Moonlight Meditations, 1996

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