Friday, March 03, 2017


WFMU begins its Radio Marathon THIS SUNDAY!  Between March 5th and 19th they'll be raising funds to keep their amazing station on the air, and they'll have all kinds of cool swag and programming to convince you to support them.  They sent out a mailer recently that paints a pretty dire picture.  Defcon 5, as they say.  If they don't hit their goal they'll be forced to make massive cuts all over the place, and that's rough business for a station that's at the forefront of radio innovation and creativity.  NOBODY WANTS THAT TO HAPPEN!

One of the amazing things that will be happening during their Radio Marathon is that music gods Yo La Tengo will once again be playing your requests for pledges!  They'll be on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show on Saturday, March 18th from 2 to 6pm to help raise funds.  WHY?  BECAUSE AN AWESOME BAND LIKE YLT BELIEVES IN AN AWESOME STATION LIKE WFMU!  Pledge $100 and they might possibly play your request.  This isn't stump the band, btw.  This is you requesting a song that they can figure out or already know.  Sometimes the results are spectacular, and sometimes they're not, but the attempts are always fun.  For the past few years they've been taking the requests early in the drive so that the band can start rounding the songs up, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get your donation in ASAP.

WFMU is the vision and the light of radio, and they're the OTHER radio station that Shuffle Function makes pledges to.  It's radio to believe in, and you should check them out if you aren't already familiar.  You'll be hooked.

Yo La Tengo has to fun collections of covers they have performed during WFMU Radio Marathons, and they're available thought their website.  CHECK THEM OUT!

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J Scheller said...

This version of "Surfin' Bird" sounds like it was seriously influenced by The Cramps.