Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Last year on April 21st we were trying to get some sleep because the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go was happening that night. Around noon my phone alerts started going off, and then the Facebook alerts on my tablet began ringing.  I figured something was up so I had to check.  There were messages from people I knew all over the country simply saying "So sorry about Prince", but I had no idea what they were talking about. I was stunned when I found out what had happened.  He was still so vital and active, performing around the world and dominating on stage, throwing all night parties at Paisley Park that were legendary.  It didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now.

When we do the marathon we talk about all the possible scenarios that we might face, like illness or some other crisis that might throw a wrench in the words, but this was something we could never have anticipated.  How do you do a pledge drive show, let alone be on the air for 24 hours straight doing a pledge drive show, and deal with the loss of a legend?  We had no idea how to do this.  Do we even do a normal pledge drive show?  Do we even do a pledge drive show?  Everyone was numb and trying to process this insane situation.   We ended up scrapping the first three hours of the marathon and just played solid Prince, taking requests, sharing memories, and grieving hardcore.  Listeners stepped up and pledged and we worked through that night together.

It has been one year since Prince died, and it still hurts.  The other day I was looking ahead to the anniversary and pulled up the YouTube clip of him shredding at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame George Harrison tribute, and I found myself in tears.  Prince was many things to many people, but man... that fella could play some mean guitar.  One of the great underappreciated guitarist.  You better believe that performance will be played on Friday.

So yeah... three hours of Prince on Friday to remember the man and hopefully continue the tribute and healing.  Fans around the world will be wearing purple in his honor, and I know I will be doing that.  We'll be taking your requests, as always, as well as your pledges.  We hope you'll take a moments and throw a little our way.  You guys are the best.


Friday, April 21st from six to nine a.m.
KMSU 89.7 fm/KMSK 91.3 fm/

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