Monday, April 24, 2017


Shyboy Tim posing with the rare home edition of Radio Roulette!

during the 2017 Pledge Drive A-Go-Go

Thursday, April 27th @ nine p.m.
and Friday, April 28th @ noon

KMSU 89.7 fm/KMSK 91.3 fm/

A few years ago we played a round of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette that was SO severely bad that we nearly abandoned radio all together.  My exact words at the time were "remember when this used to be fun?"  After that show we began leaving offerings to the Radio Gods at the KMSU tower so that they would smile upon us and grant us a listenable round of Radio Roulette.  So far it has worked.  So far.

For the uninitiated, Shuffle Function Radio Roulette is a game we invented for Halloween.  Why Halloween?  Because we wanted to do something that was terrifying that went beyond the usual fare of Halloween music.  For a couple of control freaks like us, there is nothing more horrifying than turning our playlist over to random chance.  Thus Radio Roulette was born.

But what exactly is Shuffle Function Radio Roulette?  Here is how to play.

1) GATHER THE RECORDS!  We drag in the crates of K-Tel records from the office. Each record has been assigned a number. The collection is now over 400! When we did our first round of roulette, we probably  played with only 20 records!

2) WHICH RECORD DO WE PLAY?  We then use the magic hat (pictured above). There are slips of paper inside it that have a number written on them. Each number corresponds to the K-Tel record with that assigned number. Shyboy Tim pulls out a number from the magic hat and that is how the Radio Gods pick the record to play.

3) DO YOU PLAY SIDE A or SIDE B?  Shyboy Tim then picks up a coin to determine which side to play. If it is an American release we use a US quarter. If it is a Canadian release we use a Canadian quarter. If it is an import we use the other coins that we have at our disposal. He then flips the coin. If it is HEADS it is SIDE A. If it is TAILS it is SIDE B. 

Players note: if it is a Double LP we flip a coin to determine Record 1 or Record 2. Heads = Record 1 and Tails = Record 2.

4) HOW DO YOU PICK A SONG?  The last step in this process is to determine which song gets played. We have two dice that we use for this step. If there are more than 6 tracks we use a normal die, but if there are more, we use a 10 sided die! (Shout Out to D & D players) So if Shyboy Tim rolls a 7 we play track number 7, or if he rolls a 2 we play track 2.  Finally, Shelley cues up the record and hopes it doesn't hurt too much. You will have to tune in tonight to see how things go. 

Shuffle Function Radio Roulette is a lot of fun, but it can either be the best radio ever or the worst radio ever.  Since we have no control over the outcome, it's anybody's guess how it will go.  PLUS, it's Pledge Drive time, so we could REALLY use a great round of it to entice listeners into giving generously to our wonderful little station. 

Every pledge drive we make an offering to the radio gods, in the hope that we will have a successful drive and successful Radio Roulette.  We'll be making our offering on Wednesday, but here are some images from last year to give you an idea of what we to make the Radio Gods happy.

We'd give us a good round of Radio Roulette with an offering like that!  How could we go wrong?  Tune in Thursday night at nine p.m., and again at noon on Friday (KMSU 89.7 FM/KMSK 91.3 FM/ for the potential minefield that is Shuffle Function Radio Roulette.  Pledge during the show and you can even pick a number that we'll draw!  Radio destiny is in your hands and generous pledge drive giving heart.

Please pledge your support to KMSU!  Any amount makes a difference, and we still have a long way to go to hit that $30,000 goal.  Call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or go to and click the Support KMSU button.  Thanks, Radio Heroes!

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