Thursday, June 15, 2017


Jamie Loftus (pictured at Wrestlemania) eating Infinite Jest

One of my big vacation goals last week was to finally start reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest.  Depending on who you talk to, Infinite Jest is either a triumph of modern literature, or it's a massive mess of a book.  As the A.V. Club pointed out today, it's the kind of book that drives people that have finished it to never stop talking about it, either because they loved it, or because they have earned bragging rights by plowing through to the end of its 1,079 pages.  I wanted to read it because a bunch of my favorite comedians revere it, and also because I've never actually met a person that has completed it.

I started reading Infinite Jest on day one of my trip.  The conditions were ideal, being that I was in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with nothing to distract me other than my easily distracted nature. What I found is that by page 200 I had to stop reading the book.  Not because I didn't like it, because I did, and I fully intend to complete it SOMEDAY.  It's just that if I kept reading it, Infinite Jest would literally be my entire vacation, and I had no intention of letting that happen.  Life is too short, and vacations are even shorter.  I will finish Infinite Jest, but it's not the boss of me.

The previously mentioned A.V. Club article made mention of a video made by comedian Jamie Loftus that seems to perfectly capture the commitment that Infinite Jest requires,  Loftus has begun EATING Infinite Jest, and will continue to do so over the course of one year.  Why is she doing this? It has nothing to do with her love of the book, because she's never even read it.  Is this merely an excuse to drive fans of the book crazy?  Maybe.  She's pretty open about not knowing anything about Infinite Jest.  In any case, her #eatinfinitejest project is pretty funny, and I'm curious to see if she follows through with it.  Better her than me!


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