Friday, July 07, 2017


Numero Group has been teasing the world with glimpses of their upcoming Husker Du reissue project over the past year or so, and each glimpse drives me closer to emptying my wallet.  It's not even a question of whether or not it makes good fiscal sense.  It's Numero Group, my favorite reissue label, giving Husker Du, one of the vital bands of my life, the deluxe treatment.  Food can wait.

The big question right now is what will be in the reissue project.  The answer:  NO ONE KNOWS.  Numero is playing it close to the vest, but it's safe to assume from the photos that there will be unreleased live material.  We also know that they are remastering the album that will be in the project.  They have posted photos of SST album master tape boxes, leading us to believe that the albums will be spruced up for the 21st century.  Last month they released a remastered version of Husker Du's debut album Everything Falls Apart on Spotify, and that made the world lose it. 

The recorded history of Husker Du has been complicated.  The SST years were always clouded with record label mismanagement, and moving to a major label never simplifies matters.  It appears that Numero Group has sorted through these issues, at least where SST is concerned, because all the band members are on board and the label has let Numero use their materials for the project. 

It has always been in my mind that the project would focus solely on the SST years, probably because of what Numero Group has fed us, but also because I just assumed that Warner Brothers would hold onto anything they had for future exploitation. My opinion has shifted today, because Numero Group just released a career spanning Spotify playlist, announcing it with "You're gonna want to follow this playlist".  There's material in it from ever album represented, and it's a great mix.  Is everything here remastered?  My ears aren't perfectionists, but it sounds really good.  The material from records that I thought sounded rough seems improved, though that could just be my excitement over the entire project.

When is the release coming out?  Numero Group isn't saying anything other than it's coming soon.  They also describe the project as MASSIVE.


There's a MASSIVE Husker Du project on the way, and when it hits we'll be playing every damn note on the show.  This is so exciting.  A better label couldn't happen to a better band.  Stay tuned.


Click on the image to check out the Numero Group playlist!

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